About Us

Feedback Madagascar is a unique, well respected organisation that aims to alleviate poverty through an integrated approach, recognising the inter-relationship between poverty, environmental degradation and poor health. Our focus encourages local people to identify their problems and needs helping them to create their own solutions. By working in a participatory way, with community consultation at all stages of programme design and implementation, we ensure that projects are effective and sustainable. We implement activities which promote the social development of local communities and the improved management of natural resources.

Why is our approach different?

  • Promotion of simple lifestyle changes that make a lasting difference.
  • Working through a local NGO - Ny Tanintsika - to ensure sustainability and local accountability.
  • Participatory approach involving local communities throughout.
  • Integrated projects combining actions on all aspects of rural development ( health, environment, education, agriculture,economy…)
  • Priority given to project sites in remote areas, often overlooked by other organisations.
  • Employment of a majority Malagasy staff.
  • Low overheads due to small voluntary UK office. All projects are managed from Madagascar.

Ny Tanintsika

Feedback’s work in Madagascar is carried out through Ny Tanintsika ( Malagasy for ‘Our Land / Our Earth’) . Ny Tanintsika was created with the assistance of Feedback staff and friends and functions as an independent NGO. Ny Tanintsika staff executes all our fieldwork and is led by Eugenie Raharisoa.

Ny Tanintsika works in different areas of development; economic, social and environmental. Projects are carried out in rural areas where the majority of the Malagasy population lives.


Download Feedback Madagascar Info Brochure here (PDF, 343KB)